About Us

Welcome to Castle Methodist Church.

Image of the Ichthus mosaic which is in our Foyer

Who We Are.

We are part of the Colchester Methodist Circuit, and part of the Methodist Church in Great Britain.

We are a congregation drawn from around the Colchester area who gather to worship God and thank Him for His love to us all, shown in Jesus. We meet in friendship, on Sundays and during the week, to share in learning and caring for each other, and we go out to serve the community.

Brief History of Our Building.

Image of the Pulpit used by John Wesley in the late 1700's, on display in the church
Pulpit used by John Wesley

The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, preached at this site towards the end of the eighteenth century on one of many occasions  between 1758 and 1790 that he visited Colchester during his preaching expeditions. This pulpit used by him is on display in the Church.

The present building is on the site of the Great Round Meeting House which was built by the first Methodist Society in Colchester.


Located next to the world famous castle at Colchester, the present church was built in 1970. It replaced a Methodist Church and school rooms, in Culver Street (approximately where Primark now stands), which was demolished during the construction of the Red Lion Shopping Centre giving a great opportunity to move back to Maidenburgh Street.

Image of the plaque on the front of the church notes it as the site of Wesley's Chapel built in 1759.
Wesley’s Chapel 1759