Sunday 01 03 2020

Local Methodist Supernumerary Minister Rev Paul Howes led our Morning Communion Service on the 1st March 2020, which was the first Sunday in Lent.

Paul took as his theme Fast Forward. We looked first at the story of the temptation of Adam and Eve and how they succumbed to that which looked good, and did not seem wrong, but caused them to be banished from Paradise. Then we looked at the story of Jesus and the series of Temptations in the Wilderness, again, seeming to offer things that might be considered good. We also contemplated the temptations we face today.

You can hear his sermon here.


Growing Together in Christ
 1st March 2020 :  First Sunday in Lent
 We welcome Rev Paul Howes to lead our Communion service this Sunday morning at 10.30am.
  Our prayers this week  are requested for residents of the Riverside estate.



Lenten Cross : Violet – Temptation and Testing.

HYMN: Singing The Faith 357     Jesus, the name high over all


Lord’s Prayer

Word with Young People

HYMN: Singing The Faith 254     Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

Reading: Genesis 2: 15-17 & 3: 1-7

Reading: Matthew 4 : 1-11

HYMN: Singing The Faith 235     Christ our redeemer knew temptation’s hour

Sermon:        ‘Fast Forward’

Prayers of intercession

The Peace

Offering & Dedication

HYMN: Singing The Faith 588 (tune 542)   I come with joy, a child of God

Holy Communion, beginning at page 153 in the Methodist Worship Book

HYMN: Singing The Faith 317 (1st tune)   At the name of Jesus

The Grace

Postlude: “Postlude in D Minor” by Leon Boellman

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