Sunday 09 02 2020

Our Minister Rev Alan Jenkins was the preacher for our Morning Family & Parade Service on the 9th February 2020.

This Sunday was the 70th Anniversary of the founding of our Guide Company.

During the service we heard from our current Guide Captain about the history of the 17th Colchester (Castle Methodist) Guides, and we welcomed special Guiding guests from the Region and District.

After the service a celebration cake was cut and enjoyed by all. There was also a small exhibition of memorabilia from the 70 years of the Guides.

During the service, Alan got the young people of the Guides and Boys’ Brigade involved in a practical exercise in following directions to emphasise the point of his sermon that you need to Let Your Light Shine for it to be effective, whether that is literally or spiritually. He also talked of his own experiences of Orienteering.

You can hear his sermon here.


Growing Together in Christ

9th February 2020

  We welcome Rev Alan Jenkins to lead our Guides 70th Anniversary service
this Sunday morning at 10.30am.

  Our prayers this week are requested for staff and clients of Banks and Building Societies
and for our Guide Company celebrating its 70th anniversary.


Steward’s Welcome

HYMN: Singing The Faith 139 Today I awake

Opening Prayers & Lord’s Prayer

Guide Captain talks about our Guide Company Anniversary

HYMN: Singing The Faith 513 Take this moment, sign, and space

Bible Readings:

Isaiah 58 verses 6 to 12

Matthew 5 verses 13 to 20

HYMN: Singing The Faith 611 Brother, sister, let me serve you

Sermon : Let Your Light Shine


HYMN: Singing The Faith 111 Lord of the boundless curves of space


Organ Postlude:   ‘Andantino’ by Albert Oswald

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