Sunday 26 01 2020

One of our Circuit Minister’s Rev Joe Adams was the preacher for our Morning Service on the last Sunday in January 2020. Coming to the Circuit in September 2019, it was Joe’s first service at Castle.

Joe spoke briefly to the children at the beginning and the end of the service, and during the service they had a table at the back of the church to do their own activities.

Joe led our thoughts beginning after hearing a reading about the church in Corinth, and went on to talk about the differences that have always been present in the church. He talked briefly about where is from and of some of the difficulties his home church had experienced. He spoke of how we are called to be one in Christ and to celebrate our unity. He reminded us of the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which seems to be having less of an impact now, and also of The Report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019, called “God in Love Unites Us”, which is soon to be discussed at Methodist Conference.

Joe made subtle reference to the Brexit situation which sees the UK cease to be a full member of the EU this week (on 31.01.2020).

You can hear his sermon here.


Image One in Christ


Growing Together in Christ

26th January 2020

  We welcome Rev Joe Adams to lead our worship
this Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Our prayers this morning are for those anticipating surgery.

HYMN Singing The Faith 691            What shall our greeting be?
Short talk with children
HYMN Singing The Faith 539            On the Baptism day
Prayer with children
1 Corinthians 1:10-18 p 1144
HYMN Singing The Faith 675             Because the Saviour prayed that we be one
HYMN Singing The Faith 689            Summoned by the God who made us
Talk : One in Christ
HYMN Singing The Faith 678            Come, all who look to Christ today
Postlude                              ‘Voluntary VI Allegro’ by G F Handel                        



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