Sunday 08 12 2019

Our minister Rev Alan Jenkins led our Family & Parade and Gift Service for the morning of the second Sunday of Advent 2019.

Our Boys’ Brigade were present and brought us a sketch during the service. Through humour, it encouraged us to consider the gossipmongers of biblical times and the reactions of people to the news of the pregnancies of Elizabeth (an older lady) and Mary (an unmarried young girl). It was a good introduction to the sermon which would be about judging by appearances.

We all contributed gifts for those in special need at this time of year which will be collected and passed on to Beacon House and Next Chapter (formerly Colchester & Tendring Womens’ Refuge). See links below.

Rev Alan took inspiration for his sermon from the film Taxi Driver, using the quote “You lookin’ at me?” as his theme. He spoke of the ways we judge people by their appearance, and included his own experiences as a young lay preacher in training. He directed our thoughts to John the Baptist and the fact that his appearance and behaviour would have been very unusual to his contemporaries.

Our Junior Church spent an industrious time at the back of the church making excellent nativity scenes to take home.

Please visit the websites for Beacon House and Next Chapter for more information about the important work they do in our local area.


You can hear Alan’s sermon here.



Growing Together in Christ

8th December 2019

  We welcome Rev Alan Jenkins to lead our Family, Parade and Gift Service
this Sunday morning at 10.30am.
Our prayers this morning are for Job Centre, staff and clients



Lighting our second advent candle

Advent carol StF 165 verses 1 & 2

Call to worship

Presentation of gifts for Beacon House and Next Chapter (Formerly Women’s Refuge)

HYMN H&P 50            Behold the mountain of the Lord

Prayers & Lord’s Prayer

Boys Brigade sketch : Village Gossips

HYMN StF 182 On Jordans bank

Offering & Dedication

Readings                 Isaiah 11 verses 1-10 p 696

Romans 15 verses 4-13 p 1141

HYMN StF 436 What shall I do my God to love?

Gospel reading            Matt 3 verses 1-12 p 967

Sermon            ‘You lookin at me?’

Prayers of intercession

HYMN StF 189 Wild and lone the prophet’s voice


Postlude     Pastorale from the ‘Christmas’ Concerto” by Arcangelo Corelli               

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