Sunday 23 06 2019

Our Worship Leaders from within our own congregation led our morning service.

Within the Methodist Church Worship Leaders are not permitted to bring a Sermon, but led our thoughts around being set free from the Old laws because of Jesus. Taking inspiration from Galatians, where Paul contrasts life before and after Christ. In the former, the Law was like someone who watched over us and kept us in check. But now we are all equal heirs and children of God – whatever our social status – and free to live the life of faith.

Order of Service for Sunday 23 06 2019

Our prayers this morning are requested for an 8 year old member of our congregation about to have heart surgery in London.


Call to Worship.

Singing the Faith No. 28 “Jesus calls us here to meet him”.

Prayers of Confession, Praise and Thanksgiving.

The Lord’s Prayer.

Children’s Talk.

Singing the Faith No. 43 “Bind us together, Lord”.


Reading: Isaiah 65 : 1-9.

Singing the Faith No. 157 “God has spoken by His prophets”.

Introducing Galatians.

Reading: Galatians 3 :23-29.

Comment on Galatians.

Singing the Faith No. 594 “Lord Jesus Christ”.

Prayers of Intercession.

Offering and Dedication.

Singing the Faith No. 696 “For the healing of the Nations”.

Blessing and Dismissal.

Postlude: Ordinary Time – More or Less, by Rosalie Bonighton.



Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.

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