Sunday 09 06 2019

Rev Paul Howes, a Methodist Supernumerary Minister from the Colchester Methodist Circuit led our Morning Family and Parade Service.

Rev Paul spoke to the Boys Brigade and Junior Church about a Bubble Wand and how (with a soapy solution) it has to be filled and blown before bubbles are made. He spoke to all of us about Pentecost and how the disciples had to wait to be filled and blown by the Holy Spirit.

You can hear his sermon here.


Filled and Blown image

 Order of Service for Sunday 09 06 2019

Our prayers this morning are requested for staff and students at town centre schools in Colchester.


Call to Worship.

Entry of Boys’ Brigade Colours.

Songs of Fellowship No.290 “Jesus is Lord! Creation’s voice proclaims it”.

Talk: Filled and Blown.

Prayers and The Lord’s Prayer.

Songs of Fellowship No. 12 “All over the World”.

Reading: Acts Chapter 2 verses 1 to 17.

Talk: Power for Us.

Songs of Fellowship No. 188 “Holy Spirit we welcome you”.

Talk: Powerful Living.

Songs of Fellowship No. 451 “O thou who camest from above”.

Prayers of Intercession.

Offering and Dedication.

Songs of Fellowship No. 955 “O God of burning, cleansing flame”.

The Grace.

Postlude: The Prince of Denmark’s March by Jeremiah Clarke.



Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.




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