Sunday 02 06 2019

Rev Sue King, a Methodist Minister from the Tendring Methodist Circuit led our Morning Communion Service.


Small Things

Rev Sue led our thoughts centred on Small Things. Talking about the Mustard Seed, the impact of Yeast and the way that small things, small actions, seemingly insignificant things can have great impact. She also spoke of her time in training and the Sisters at the Convent she was temporarily assigned to, and the small miracle they experienced. You can hear her sermon here.



 Order of Service for Sunday 02 06 2019

Our prayers this morning are requested for drivers and users of buses and taxis in Colchester.


Call to Worship.

Singing The Faith No.13 “Sing of a God.”


For all ages…

Singing The Faith No.92 “Think of a World”. (Verses 1 & 2).

Blessing as the Young People leaves for their own session.

Reading:  Genesis chapter 2 verses 4 to 9.

Theme expanded.

Singing The Faith No.107 “I sing the almighty power”.

Reading: Luke chapter 13 verses 18 to 20.

Theme applied (Sermon): Small Things.

Prayers of Intercession.

Offertory and Dedication.

Singing The Faith No.594 “Lord Jesus Christ”.

Holy Communion.

Singing The Faith No.596 “Now let us from this table rise”.


Postlude: Adantino, by Samuel Wesley.



Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.




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