Sunday 14 04 2019

Sunday 14th April 2019.

Sixth Sunday in Lent.

Palm Sunday.

To lead our Morning Family & Parade Service, we welcomed Rev Ken Chalmers.

On this Palm Sunday led our thoughts on the various people involved in the activities of Palm Sunday and Holy Week. His Sermon was split into three parts, but you can hear all three back to back here, as we cannot publish hymns due to various copyright issues.

Ken got the children, and various members of the congregation involved in a Palm Sunday procession in the church.

We had a few issues with microphones, so audio quality today is not as good as it should be, for which we apologise.


Palm Sunday


 Order of Service for 14th April 2019.

Lent Liturgy : Palm Branch.
Call to Worship.
Singing The Faith No. 262 “All glory, laud and honour”.
Reading: Psalm 118 verses 1, 2 & 9 to 29.
Prayers of Approach.
The Lord’s Prayer.
Singing The Faith No. 519 “Father I place into your hands”.
Reading: Luke chapter 19 verses 28 to 36.
Talk 1 : Why do we need him?
Reading: Luke chapter 19 verses 37 to 40.
Talk 2: Why were they there?
Singing The Faith No. 264 “Make way, make way, for Christ the King”.
Talk 3: Why do we follow?
Singing The Faith No. 272 “From Heaven you came (The Servant King)”.
Prayers of Intercession.
Singing The Faith No. 287 “When I survey the wondrous cross”.
Blessing and Dismissal.
Postlude: Palm Sunday Processional by Christopher Tambling.


Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.

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