Sunday 03 03 2019

Sunday 3rd March 2019.

To lead our Morning Communion Service we welcomed Methodist Supernumerary Minister Rev Nick Young from Hertfordshire.

Glitter or Glory image

Nick’s sermon challenged us as to whether we seek the Glitter of life or lasting Glory.  His sermon can be heard here. Nick also spoke to the Children about the story of The Emperors New Clothes, which enhanced his sermon for all of us.


Order of Service for 3rd March 2019.

Call to Worship : We read together Psalm 99 as found in Singing The Faith No. 821.
Singing The Faith No. 65 “Sing of the Lord’s goodness, Father of all wisdom”.
Introduction to the Theme, and Word to the Children : The Emperor’s New Clothes.
Singing The Faith No. 753 “Glory to God, Glory to God”.
Prayer for the Children and the Creche, and their leaders.
Children depart to other rooms for Junior Church.
Reading: Exodus chapter 34 verses 29 to35.
Reading: Luke chapter 9 verses 28 to 36.
SERMON “Glitter or Glory?”.
Prayers of Intercession.
The Peace.
Singing The Faith No. 595 “Lord, we have come at your own invitation”.
Communion (Beginning at Page 203 in The Methodist Worship Book.
Singing The Faith No. 503 “Love divine, all loves excelling”.
Blessing & Dismissal.
Postlude: Voluntary in B Flat by Jonathan Battishill.


Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.

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