Sunday 24 02 2019

Sunday 24th February 2019.

To lead our Morning Family & Parade Service we welcomed Methodist Local Preacher Alan Beesley.

Love oue Enemies  image

Alan spoke to us about our challenge to love our enemies, including some examples, and our need to learn to forgive.  His sermon can be heard here. Alan also brought his hand puppet “Holy Moley” and used him to speak to the Children near the end of the service.


Order of Service for 24th February 2019

Call to Worship (from Matthew chapter 18 verses 21 and 22).
Singing The Faith No 76 “Give me joy in my heart”.
Prayers of Adoration, Confession, and the Lord’s Prayer.
Old Testament reading from Genesis chapter 45 verses 3 to 11 and 15.
Songs of Fellowship No 334 “Praise to the Holiest in the height”.
Gospel Reading from Luke chapter 6 verses 27 to 38.
Singing The Faith No 513 “Take this moment, sign and space”.
SERMON “Love our Enemies… and learn to Forgive”.
Singing The Faith No 649 “God when human bonds are broken”.
Offering and Prayer of dedication.
Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession led by a Worship Leader.
Singing The Faith No 528 “Pray without ceasing, pray”.
Postlude: Voluntary in C by Henry Purcell.


Our united evening service with the Town Centre Parish was led by Rev Mark Wallace.


Our evening services will now be suspended until further notice.

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