Sunday 13 01 2019

Sunday 13th January 2019.

To lead our Morning Family & Parade Service we welcomed
Local Preacher Anne Worker.

Our hymns were:-

For the beauty of the earth.
All over the world the spirit is moving.
Spirit of God unseen as the wind.
Colours of day.

Our readings were from:-

Isaiah chapter 43 verses 1-7.
Luke chapter 2 verses 2b-4a, 15, 16, 21-23.
Acts chapter 8 verses 14-17.

The sermon was about Baptism. We hear about Jesus’ Baptism in the River Jordan, by John the Baptist, we consider our own baptism as infants or adults, and we consider how the Holy Spirit fits with Baptism. It can be heard here.


Our United Evening Service was led by Rev Aella Gage.




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