Sunday 16 12 2018

Third Sunday in Advent 2018.

To lead our Morning Service we welcomed
our own Worship Leaders.

Our hymns were:-

Hills of the north, rejoice.
Come, Lord Jesus, come.
On Jordan’s bank the Baptists’ cry.
Longing for light.
Go forth and tell.

Our readings were from:-

Isaiah chapter 12 verses 2-6.
Philippians chapter 4 verses 4-7.
Luke chapter 3 verses 7-18.

There was no formal sermon as our Worship Leaders brought us various thoughts, meditations, a chat with the children, and a sketch to help us consider Zechariah and his son John the Baptist during Advent.

To lead our Evening Communion Service we welcomed
Rev Paul Howes.

Our hymns were:-

Hark the glad sound!
Long ago, prophets knew.
Longing for light.
Let all mortal flesh keep silence.
There’s a light upon the mountains.

Our readings were from:-

Hebrews chapter 1 verses 1-4.
Luke chapter 1 verses 76-79.

Throughout the service we considered Advent :-
a time … to Remember;
a time … to Prepare;
a time … to Hope;
a time … to Come.
The sermon came as a summing up of these short meditations, and can be heard here.


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