Renewal of Covenant

On Sunday 25th November 2018 we will once again celebrate our Covenant of Co-operation with St Botolph’s Parish Church. The service will be led by Rev Wallace from the Town Centre Parish. Congregations from both churches will join together for Worship at 11am at Castle Methodist Church.

Image: St Botolph's Church, Colchester

We believe that the unity in the life and mission of all Christ’s people is the will of God.

So we are committed to each other in this local covenant to demonstrate that unity within our Town Centre.

We confess our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour according to the Scriptures.

We seek ways to fulfil our calling to serve his mission in the world.

And we celebrate all that we have in common.

We pledge ourselves:

  • to worship and pray together
  • To explore our Christian convictions and their practical application
  • To co-operate in Christian Education and training for both children and adults
  • And to explore what we feel is the will of God in the coming together of our churches

We will welcome communicant members of each church to Holy Communion without condition.

We value all ministries, both lay and ordained.

We recognize the ordained ministries of our churches as true ministries of word and sacrament.

This is our covenant which we renew and celebrate today.

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