Sunday 19 01 2020

Retired Methodist Minister Rev Mike Cassidy from Suffolk was the preacher to lead our Morning Service on the third Sunday in January 2020.

Mike took inspiration from the reading in John’s gospel, and used the text “Behold the Lamb of God” for his sermon. His thought provoking and powerful message began with a short time to look at a painting called The Lamb of God. Mike continued by telling us about the use of sacrificial lambs as an accepted part of ancient Jewish culture, and the slightly later idea of a Scape Goat, a concept which we still have today, as he ably demonstrated.

Mike spoke briefly to the children before they left for their classes, and in greater depth when they returned at the end of the service with drawings they had made, and a lego model of a temple which they had constructed.

You can hear his sermon here.


Image : Lamb



Growing Together in Christ

19th January 2020

  We welcome Rev Mike Cassidy to lead our worship this Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Our prayers this morning are for General Practitioners, staff and patients


Call to Worship
HYMN Singing The Faith 441    As water to the thirsty
Prayers of confession
HYMN  Singing The Faith 524    Listening God
OT Reading: Psalm 40 vv 1-10
Gospel reading: John 1 vv 29-42
HYMN Singing The Faith 160     Powerful in making us wise

Sermon “Behold The Lamb of God”

Reflective music
HYMN Singing The Faith 231   The silent stars
We sing the doxology
Prayers of Intercession
The Lord’s Prayer
A short talk with the Children
HYMN Singing The Faith 520   Give to me Lord

Postlude              Andante Opus No 5         By John Stanley                                

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