Sunday 12 01 2020

Local preacher Jonathan Sparkes led our Morning Family & Parade Service for the second Sunday in January 2020. Members of our Boys’ Brigade and their officers were present.

Jonathan talked to the BB and Junior Church children about Epiphany and the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus. He reminded us that the reason we give gifts to friends and family at Christmas time has its roots in this event. He reminded us too that gift giving takes place at different times in different countries, some people exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve, others on Christmas Day and still others at Epiphany, depending upon their culture and background.

Later, based upon today’s Bible reading in Matthew chapter 3, Jonathan brought us a self-penned meditation taken from the standpoint of one of the followers of John The Baptist, who became a witness at Jesus’ Baptism. Then, taking his theme as ‘Forgiveness For All’, Jonathan spoke to us about those who were also baptised into the Christian Faith after hearing Peter preaching to them in the household of Cornelius.

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You can hear his sermon here.





Growing Together in Christ

12th January 2020

  We welcome Mr Jonathan Sparkes to lead our worship this Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Our prayers this morning are for General Practitioners, staff and patients



Call to Worship

HYMN: Hymns and Psalms 137 Jesus the Lord said: ‘I am the Bread,

Short Children’s address : Epiphany & Gift Giving

Prayers of adoration & praise

HYMN: Hymns and Psalms 257 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

Bible Reading: Acts 10: 34-43 p 1104

HYMN: Hymns and Psalms 84 On Jordan’s bank the Baptists cry

Gospel Reading:   Matthew 3: 13-17 p 967


Ministry of the Word “Forgiveness For All”


HYMN: Hymns and Psalms  691  Come, let us sing of a wonderful love


HYMN: Songs Of Fellowship 728 Give me Oil in my Lamp, keep it burning

Prayers of Intercession

The Lord’s Prayer

HYMN: Hymns and Psalms 243 Rejoice, the Lord is King


Postlude : “Postlude in D” by Knecht



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