Sunday 05 01 2020

At Castle Methodist Church in Colchester, local supernumerary minister Rev Ron Smith led our Covenant Service to mark the beginning of 2020.

You can find out more information about the Methodist Covenant Service here.

Ron led us in thinking about being ‘In the Vine’, and abiding in Christ, and the essence of connectedness that the image of a bunch of grapes or a vine of many branches provides. We heard an extract from John Steinbeck’s book Grapes of Wrath and a contemporary reading from a member of the congregation.

You can hear his sermon here.






Growing Together in Christ

5th January 2020

  We welcome Rev Alan Jenkins to lead our covenant service
this Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Unfortunately, Alan was unwell and had to call upon Rev Ron Smith to take his place leading the Covenant and Communion Service today.

Our prayers this morning are for staff and users of the library and its services.

The service begins on p 282 of the MWB


Exodus 24:3-11 p 82

Jeremiah 31:31-34 p 793

Romans 12:1-2 p 1139

John 15:1-10 p 1083


Hymns: (All from Singing the Faith)

              StF  87 Praise to the living God!

              StF 545 Be thou my vision

              StF 549 Come, let us use the grace divine

              StF 590 Jesus, we thus obey

              StF 520 Give to me, Lord, a thankful heart


Postlude                 How brightly shines the morning star             G P Telemann



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