Sunday 25 08 2019

Rev Jane Cassidy from the Tendring Methodist Circuit led our morning service.

Jane spoke to the children about her “Magic Carpet”. A shop find which had several slogans on including “Be Kind”, “Tell the Truth”, “Sing”, etc which can all be used to remind us how to behave as Christians.


Later Jane spoke to the adults, relating to the reading from Luke about Jesus healing a crippled woman on the Sabbath and the reaction he got. Jane encouraged us to think about ourselves and our church and how we can learn from this story and find our own joy in the Lord.


You can hear her sermon here.


Find your joy in the Lord image


Order of Service for Sunday 25 08 2019


Our prayers this morning are requested for members of our armed forces using the Town Centre. We will also be praying for Rev Joe Adams who is to be welcomed as a minister of this circuit this Wednesday at 7pm at Wimpole Road Methodist Church.


Call to Worship.
HYMN: Singing The Faith No. 20 “Be still”.
All age talk: Magic Carpet.
HYMN: Singing The Faith No. 553 “I am a new creation”.
          THE WORD.
Isaiah chapter 59 verses 9b to 14.
Luke chapter 13 verses 10 to 17.
HYMN: Singing The Faith No. 150 “This is the day of rest”.
Sermon: Find your joy in the Lord.
HYMN: Singing The Faith No. 653 “O Christ, the healer”.
Prayers and The Lord’s Prayer.
HYMN: Singin The Faith No. 410 “Lord your church”.
Final Prayer and Blessing.
Postlude: Tranquilly by Charles Parry.

Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.


Morning services will begin at 10.30am from 1st September 2019.





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