Sunday 18 08 2019

Our Worship Leaders from within our own congregation led our morning service.

Within the Methodist Church Worship Leaders are not permitted to bring a Sermon.

The service was organised as a Songs of Praise, with all of the hymns chosen by members of the congregation. Some of those people came the front and talked about the reasons for their choices before we sang the hymns. We also listened to someone read a meditation and a prayer by Eddie Askew from his book Breaking the Rules. In it we heard about the whole of Creation being a symphony which only sounds as it should when every part of creation – man included – takes its allotted place.

Order of Service for Sunday 18 08 2019


Our prayers this morning are requested for Holiday Makers and Visitors.


Hymn: Singing The Faith No. 74 “For the music of creation”.
Hymn: Song of Fellowship No.315 “Jubilate, everybody”.
Prayers of adoration
Psalm 98
Reading: Mark 10 verses 46-52
Hymn: Singing The Faith No. 655 “We cannot measure how you heal”.
Hymn: Singing The Faith No. 167 “Colours of Day”.
Hymn: Singing The Faith No. 663 “I the Lord of sea and sky”.
Reading: John 21 verses 13-17
Hymn: Hymns and Psalms No. 361 “Summer suns are glowing”.
Thought from Eddie Askew’s Book “Breaking The Rules”
Prayer by Eddie Askew from his Book “Breaking The Rules”
The Lords Prayer.
Hymn: Singing The Faith No. 51 “Great is thy faithfulness”.
Postlude: Joyful Procession, by Andrew Gant
Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.

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