Sunday 07 07 2019

On Sunday 7th July 2019 we were pleased to welcome Methodist Supernumerary Minister Rev Ron Smith from Colchester to lead our Morning Communion Service. Ron used a Communion Service from the Iona Community, rather than any in the Methodist Worship Book.

Ron’s talk with the children was called “Wisdom and Tomatoes”.

He spoke to the children about wisdom and knowledge. Using the example of a tomato, Ron asked whether it was a vegetable or a fruit? He commended the children for their knowledge in answering that it was a fruit. He then asked if it should therefore be used in a fruit salad? He also then commended their wisdom in refraining from adding a tomato to fruit salad just because it was technically a fruit. Thereby demonstrating the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Ron spoke to the adults about Hard Heads and Tender Hearts, and the need for effective Christians to possess both.


You can hear his sermon here.


Hard Heads and Tender Hearts Image


Order of Service for Sunday 07 07 2019

Our prayers this morning are requested for LEPRA. We are also asked to pray for three of our church members who are in hospital, for family and friends of a lady at St Botolph’s who has died, and for one of our members moving house.



Call to Worship.

Singing The Faith No.21 “Born in Song”.

Call to Prayer.

Theme: Wisdom and Tomatoes.

Blessing as the Children leave for their classes.

Singing The Faith No.470 “Lord for the years”.

Reading:  Proverbs chapter 8 verses 1 to 14 and 22 to 31.

Reading: Luke chapter 4 verses 16 to 21.

Sermon: Hard Heads and Tender Hearts.

Affirmation of Faith.

Singing The Faith No.500 “Happy are they who find the grace”.

Prayers of Intercession and The Lord’s Prayer.

Offering and Dedication.

Singing The Faith No.712 “Put peace into each other’s hands”.

The Peace.

The Story.

Eucharistic Prayer.



Singing The Faith No. 658 “A charge to keep have I”.


Postlude: Tune and variations for an evening hymn by Maybrick(1799-1846).



Our united evening services with the Town Centre Parish have been suspended until further notice.



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