Sunday 12 05 2019

Sunday 12th May 2019 marks the beginning of Christian Aid Week in the UK.


Rev Ken Chalmers from the Colchester Methodist Circuit led the Family & Parade service at Castle Methodist Church.

We welcomed our Boys’ Brigade company, who brought us a sketch about Noah. They, together with children from our Junior Church, also participated in an activity to help Ken demonstrate his theme of

Oh God! It’s not fair…

where the Boys against Girls were asked to stack cups on a table.

The boys were given much larger cups which made their task easier demonstrating just how in so many ways women are put at a disadvantage in the world.

Oh God! It's not fair...

Christian Aid week 2019 seeks to help redress this in some ways.

You can find out more about Christian Aid from their website

Order of Service for Sunday 12 05 2019

Our prayers this morning are requested for rough sleepers, and staff and volunteers at Beacon House, Night Shelter, and volunteers on the soup run.



Call to Worship.

Singing The Faith No.689 “Summoned by the God who made us”.

Prayers of Approach.

The Lord’s Prayer.

Singing The Faith No.72 “Father God I wonder”.

Reading:  Genesis chapter 8 verses 13 to 22.

Drama: Oh no! Noah…

Singing The Faith No.247 “I danced in the morning”.

Reading: Matthew chapter 15 verses 21to 28.

Girls against Boys Challenge.

Reflection: Oh God! It’s not fair…

Singing The Faith No.249 “Jesu, Jesu, fill us with your love”.

Prayers of Intercession from Christian Aid.

Offering (including envelopes to donate to Christian Aid if desired).

Singing The Faith No.487 “You shall go out with joy”.

Blessing and dismissal.

Postlude: Toccata by Anon Italian.

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