Sunday 05 05 2019

Sunday 5th May 2019.

Communion Service.

On Sunday 5th May 2019 we were pleased to welcome Methodist Supernumerary Minister Rev Ron Smith from Colchester to lead our Morning Communion Service.


Fishing and Fresh Starts

Ron spoke to the children about his experiences fishing as a youngster, and brough a home made fishing rod to show us.
Later, in his sermon, he spoke to us all about Peter’s experiences after the crucification and his urge to go fishing, and it can be heard here.


 Order of Service for 5th May 2019.

Call to Worship.
Singing The Faith No. 306 “Now the green blade rises”.
Prayers of Praise.
Prayers of Confession.
Word of Pardon.
Collect for the day.
Talk with the Children “Gone Fishing”.
Hymn (not in books) ‘Peter said “I’m going fishing”‘.
Reading: Acts chapter 9 verses 1 to 6.
Reading: John chapter 21 verses 1 to 19.
Sermon : Fishing and Fresh Starts.
Singing The Faith No. 513 “Take this moment”.
Prayers of Intercession.
Lord’s Prayer.
The Peace.
Offering and Dedication.
Singing The Faith No. 595 “Lord we have come at your own invitation”.
The Sharing.
Prayer. Singing The Faith No. 487 “You shall go out with joy”.
Blessing and Dismissal.
Postlude: Largo in G by G F Handel.

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